European Assembly

4th – 7th August 2017
At High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, north of London.

Booking has now closed.
Notes about how to travel to the centre will soon be put on the website below
and sent to those who have signed up.

Our theme:
From Where We Are…
No matter where you are on your spiritual journey,
the Lord leads you from that place.

Our chosen venue is spacious, set in 40 acres of grounds. Transport links are good.

We will gather from Friday afternoon and depart after lunch the following Monday.
There will be plenty of leisure time for people to get acquainted
or renew friendships.

The cost, for 3 nights, full board is:
£225 per adult (17 years+)
£115 per 15-16 year old
Children 14
years and under are free of charge
Day rate is £37.50 per day (includes lunch and refreshments)

Our programme is taking shape. Here are some of the speakers and their topics:

Rev. Howard Thompson: ‘Your place in the Kingdom’
– the importance of our role, or use, in our daily lives.

Rev. Göran Appelgren: ‘The Lord’s Glorification series
– a case for real spiritual growth’ – how do we deal with doubt and resistance
when moving from a lower to a higher state of mind?

Per Bingen: Shining the light of the Heavenly Doctrines on Darwinism.

Rev. Chuck Blair, leader of New Church Live: Connecting with people
where they are.

Frits Bot, Marian van Genne: An update on the Dutch Group.

Rev. Michael & Gwenda Cowley: ‘Reflections on recovery
compared to regeneration’ – when ‘our life is a train wreck’,
how do we apply the universal teaching that the Lord always takes care of us?

Ray & Star Silverman: Teaching the Ten Commandments to college students.

Rt. Rev. Peter Buss Sr: The Lord’s leading and the paths through which He leads us.

Rt. Rev. Brian Keith will also be giving an address.

We look forward to welcoming friends, old and new,
from many countries of the world and discovering the different ways
that the church impacts our different lives ‘where we are’.