BASS is open to young people from all over the world. However, minimum age restrictions apply: 14 years for Europeans. 18 years for non-Europeans.

We believe our Summer School as a whole, is more important than any individual. Clearly sometimes people  have to restrict themselves a little when taking part in a group activity. Experience has shown the following guidelines promote a happy and successful time together.

  •  The special atmosphere at Summer School is based on everyone taking part in the activities. We ask you not to ‘pair off’ and exclude the rest of the school. This shows consideration for other people’s feelings and contributes to the spirit of the School.
  •  Quiet is required between 11.00 pm and 7.00 am, including no showers between these times. It is very much appreciated, (and adds to your own enjoyment), if you cooperate with the bed and lights-out times agreed with the Student Council.
  •  For safety reasons we ask you to agree not to leave the building during these hours except in the case of a fire/emergency etc.
  •  No alcohol may be brought to the Centre and we have found it necessary to restrict visits to local pubs. Strictly no drugs are allowed in the Centre unless on prescription.
  •  Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the Centre.
  •  Respect for property boundaries and the Centre rules is expected.
  •  No boys are allowed on the girls’ hallway, and no girls on the boys’ hallway.

What To Bring

  • A Bible
  • Pocket money
  • Sportswear, swimwear and clothes for church
  • An extra pair of shoes and something waterproof!
  • For the Gala, men are expected to wear a shirt and tie; women a formal dress

Bedding, towels and laundry facilities are provided at Purley Chase, however we advise bringing a spare towel.

Transportation Costs

When considering the cost of attending BASS, you should also consider the price of transportation to and from Purley Chase. For foreign students, this not only includes the price of the air ticket, but also the price of transportation to and from the airport. A train ticket from Stanstead Airport to Nuneaton costs around £60 sterling. If you are planning to arrive by train, we are usually able to arrange rides from Nuneaton to Purley Chase. If you are in a group of students, you may be able to get a taxi for £20 or less. If you let us know before booking your ticket, we or others in your local congregation may be able to help co-ordinate your trip and save you money.