Michael Church London

Something New!

Michael Church is a spiritually dynamic church. The Lord has revealed new truths in the Word of His Second Advent. These allow us to come closer to the Lord as we learn more about Him and as those truths challenge us to look at our beliefs, values and chosen way of living.

If you want something spiritually new and exciting which at the same time encourages you to read and think for yourself, Michael Church might be for you!

Why not join us at 11am on Sunday for worship followed by coffee and conversation afterwards.

Our Worship

Visitors and their families are assured of a warm welcome with a lively Sunday School for children. There is also a talk for the children during the service followed by a stimulating and inspiring message for adults. Our readings are from the Old and New Testaments and The Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.

The service lasts for about 45 minutes and includes singing and also quiet interludes on organ and piano. Refreshments are served downstairs afterwards. Visitors are always very welcome.

We also have beginners’ classes and discussion groups held in members’ homes and other activities in the UK such as a summer school and study weekends.