Innocence at Christmas

Innocence at Christmas & Christmas Readings 2023 - Innocence is the fundamental spiritual quality that we need to develop, so embracing the spirit of Christmas, not just in December.

Christmas Readings 2023

Christmas Readings 2023 - This year’s Christmas readings are gathered around the theme of trust, confidence, and strength in the Lord. This theme appears in the book of Psalms where we read, “Blessed are those whose strength is in You…. They go from strength to strength.” (Psalm 84:5-6)

Laying Down Our Life

Laying Down Our Life - We set aside time in November to remember people who have died for our country (a tradition shared by many countries). It is an awesome thing to be willing to give one’s life for a higher good. Such a precious thing! To be able to live in civil peace, working and playing and praying in freedom.

Paying Attention to Ordinary Miracles

Paying Attention to Ordinary Miracles - It is amazing how much seemingly trivial things can upset us Another way of thinking about this is to ask ourselves what we would see differently, if we spent part of each day trying to determine where the Lord is in what we’re seeing.

What Makes the New Church new?

What makes the New Church new is not merely the teaching that Jesus Christ is the one God, it is the explanation of how it could be that a person who walked and slept on earth, is also the God of the universe.

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Who was Emanuel Swedenborg
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Find out more about this theologian, scientist and philosopher who had a prolific career as an inventor and scientist before turning his focus to spiritual writings.

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Exercising our measure

A runner gains capacity by actually running - actually exercising his or her lungs and legs. The good that flows in with us is only as great as is our effort.