The Legs of Man

The Legs of Man. We will undoubtedly be seeing displays of both humility and of conceit in Olympic athletes this summer. They are pictures of the power and intensity, grace and beauty of the Lord’s love and wisdom, marvellously at work in a human being.

The Word was God

The Word was God - Erik discusses how the Word is the truth and how New Church teaching says the Word is something more.

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Out of the Mouth of Babes - Seeing the good in others and ourselves.

Making Appropriate Judgments

Making Appropriate Judgments - How to make judgments - how do we avoid unfairly judging others while standing up for what we believe?

What Makes the New Church New?

What makes the New Church new is not merely the teaching that Jesus Christ is the one God, it is the explanation of how it could be that a person who walked and slept on earth, is also the God of the universe.

What is the New Church?
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Find out more about the teachings of the New Church and how it can relate to real life issues

How can I get involved and find out more
Getting Involved

Find out how and where you can get involved with the New Church

Who was Emanuel Swedenborg
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Find out more about this theologian, scientist and philosopher who had a prolific career as an inventor and scientist before turning his focus to spiritual writings.

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What is the New Church?

Exercising our measure

A runner gains capacity by actually running - actually exercising his or her lungs and legs. The good that flows in with us is only as great as is our effort.