The Word of God

The Lord’s Word – the Bible – is the bedrock of true Christianity.

The Lord wants us to know Him. He has guided the writing and gathering of His Word through the ages so that it can convey Himself and His will like no other book. His goal is to invite us into relationship with Him, so that we might share in His blessing. In His special Book He elicits our free response with infinite wisdom.

The Bible’s literal meaning or 'letter' sometimes seems dated and culture-bound, but the message is timeless and universal. His love and renewing power are present there and can touch those who seek Him in its pages. There’s more there than meets the eye.

The Word’s deeper meaning

When we interact with people it is important to look to the spirit in their words and actions. But we can’t see that spirit except through the sounds and movements their body makes.

The Word is like a person: it has a spirit and a body. Its spirit is the Lord Himself—His love, purpose, wisdom. The Word’s body is its natural 'letter'.

The New Church has teachings that help us understand and honour both spirit and letter of the Bible. It gives us tools to help us see a consistent message that gets to the heart of God, that makes sense, that applies to life.