If you want to be part of the life and worship of our community, all you need to do is come! But you're also welcome to explore formal membership, if that's something you're interested in.

Membership has little to do with the regular activities of the church such as Sunday worship, classes, and community events. Everyone is welcome to these events. Membership becomes relevant when you want to engage in the church's planning and decision-making processes. Membership confers the right to cast a vote at congregational meetings, and to sit on certain boards. It also shows a level of commitment to be part of the life of the church by standing formally for what the church teaches.

How to become a member

Because we believe that a spiritual commitment to the life of the church is more important than organizational membership, we treat New Church baptism as a prerequisite for membership. A person can be baptised as a child or as an adult. To be baptised, contact a New Church minister directly, or using the contact button below.

The next step in membership is to join our parent body, the General Church of the New Jerusalem. You can contact us below for support with this also.

After a person has become a member of the General Church they are eligible to join various local organisations in the UK.

  • Michael Church, London: Contact Grant Odhner.
  • Colchester New Church: Contact Erik Buss.
  • British Academy, to support spiritual education in the light of New Church teachings. Organised events include Summer Schools, All Age Weekends and activity weekends/day trips for young people. Nominations for the British Academy Board are invited when AGM notices are sent out to British Academy members. For more information about membership, contact the British Academy Secretary.
  • The General Church Council Ltd in the UK. After three years of General Church membership, you can apply to become a member of this organisation, which is the governing body of the church in Britain. It is responsible for managing the finances of the UK General Church, primarily through investments, and works with the National Pastor, Erik Buss, on overall direction for the country. Once a member of the Council, you have the opportunity each year to put yourself forward for election to the Council Board. For more information about membership, contact the General Church Council Secretary.
  • The General Church Corporation (international). This body oversees the finances and day-to-day affairs of the international General Church organisation. After three years, members of the General Church can participate in the governing structure of this body. Use the contact button below to find out how to do this.
Contact Us

If you have any other questions please use the Contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.