All Age Weekends

As the name implies, these weekends are a chance for everyone, including families, to get together for a few days away from home at the lovely Purley Chase Centre in Warwickshire. Interesting talks for adults, creative learning for children and plenty of time for discussion and fun are always on the menu, along with the delicious meals provided by the centre.

Next Event - Friday 10th - Sunday 12nd May 2024

Purley Chase

Join us at the Purley Chase Centre, Warwickshire for a weekend of interactive talks for adults, teens and children, along with activities, discussion, fellowship and wonderful food.

Please do not let finances stand in the way of attending. We will make it work, whatever your financial ability to contribute may be.

To book a place or find out more, please use this form:

    Previous Events

    Notes and slides from previous events are listed below

    October 2023 - Spiritual Care for the Neighbour
    The links below are videos of the talks:    

    Extra resources

    What Would Love Do?

    Outreach New Church Workbook by John Odhner & Sasha Silverman

    Link for children’s classes Please go to the link, then click on Youth Journey Programs Ages 3-14, and then click on ‘Hands of Love’ resources for choices.

    How to Help Each Other Programme

    John Odhner Booklet including a questionnaire to help people connect to their key spiritual need. Website

    Exploring the Path

    Erik J. Buss An In-Depth Guide to the Spiritual Practices Involved in Becoming a Loving Person Section on ‘Serving Others’ Spiritual Needs: The Classes of the Neighbour’ Book available on Amazon

    May 2023 - Forgiveness

    The links below are videos of the talks: