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At the heart of the faith of the New Church is the idea that God wants us to use the truths He has taught us.

Our goal as a church is not to simply talk about the truth, but to help people bring the light of truth into their everyday lives—into their habits and their choices.

We don't claim to have all the answers. We're trying to figure life out, just like everybody else. But we believe that God wants to help us find answers. He doesn't want us to live in the dark, and He doesn't want us to feel like we're forced to accept irrational ideas. In the Bible He calls Himself a Teacher, and like any good teacher, His goal is to lead us step-by-step towards a better understanding, and a better way of life.

New Church Teachings

Here you'll find a summary of our beliefs and an invitation to explore a clear and sensible system of religious ideas.

Life Issues

Life Issues

Here you'll find articles addressing some common issues that people face, and some of the questions that arise out of life's hardships.

Portrait of Emanuel Swedenborg by Carl Frederik von Breda

Emanuel Swedenborg

Who was Emanuel Swedenborg who wrote thirty-five volumes of theological books. Born in Stockholm Sweden in 1688 he studied physics, mechanics and philosophy before focusing on his spiritual interpretation of the Bible. His first wiring was Arcana Caelestia (Translated as Heavenly Arcana, Heavenly Mysteries or Secrets of Heaven) in 1747 and over the next 25 years he continued to write.