The Saviour

The Light

And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.

The one God came into the world to restore our ability to freely choose heaven. He did that by taking on a frail human body and mind (through His willing servant Mary). He lifted up that mind, just as He raises up every human mind—through a gradual process of learning and experiencing love. But with His Divine soul burning within Jesus, He introduced that mind, step by step, into all Wisdom and all Love—becoming at last fully Divine. At each step the powers of darkness attacked (as they attack us). At each step the Lord met hell’s attack with steadfast love and truth. The measured insights He brought to bear at each stage of His life broke the chains of hell in the world of the human mind. These insights became the truth that He shared with us in the Gospels. This work, waged from His position with us, on our level, restored our ability to see Him, to receive His love, and to follow Him.

The Teachings of the New Church offer us much more on how the Lord saved us. This is just a taste!