Welcome to the New Church!

The New Church teaches that there is one God who is the Lord God Jesus Christ.

We look to Him as the source of all love and all wisdom. We believe that God created the universe and everything in it with an ultimately loving purpose – to lead everyone, in freedom, to the lasting happiness and peace of heaven.

The Lord has quietly come again in a new revelation which can make this possible. In it He reveals more about Himself than has ever before been known. The teachings of the New Church address questions about the nature of our God, His Word, charity, repentance, providence, marriage and our life after we die. They are immediately practical and deeply spiritual. The Church is founded on a belief that true faith is not blind, but rational – it is a religion not just to be believed but also, and most importantly, to be lived!

Please take time to look around and see what the New Church has to offer you.